The customer brings 6 hydraulic cylinders that are used to control the jet thrusters of the “Prince of Venice” catamaran. In total, there are two jet thrusters on the catamaran, each with three cylinders, of which the two smaller ones are used to control the direction of the ship’s movement, while the larger one is used for tilting or trim propulsion.

After the complete disassembly of the cylinders, as well as a detailed washing and inspection of the parts, chrome defects were observed on the piston rods. Due to wear and tear of the material and due to the influence of sea water, small damages appear on the surface of the piston rod, i.e. small holes through which hydraulic oil would leak.

Therefore, the connecting rods were renewed with a new layer of chrome 10-15 microns thick, and they were ground and polished to the appropriate h7 finish quality. After cleaning the cylinder head and piston seal channels, installing new head and piston seals and piston rod guide rings, replacing the sealing washers of the pipe connections, assembling and pressure testing at 200 bar, the cylinders were returned to the customer and ready to be installed on the catamaran for a long and safe voyage.