A hydraulic cylinder or linear hydraulic motor is the most common executive part in a hydraulic drive which serves to convert the energy of the hydraulic fluid into mechanical work and is an indispensable part of the hydraulic drive.

We can repair or make a new hydraulic cylinder with high quality and in the shortest possible time

  • standard two-piece cylinder
  • telescopic piston cylinder
  • cylinder equipment

Hydraulic cylinder repair

A standard hydraulic cylinder repair includes:
  • Cylinder cleaning
  • Complete disassembly of all parts: cylinder guides, pulling out the connecting rod, disassembling the cylinder piston
  • Cleaning of parts: disassembly of sealing elements, disassembly of guides, disassembly of slides
  • Mechanical cleaning: polishing of the connecting rod, polishing of the sealing grooves, internal polishing of the cylinder tube
  • Replacement of all sealing and soft parts that are on our stock
  • Assembling the hydraulic cylinder: mounting the piston on the connecting rod, inserting it into the cylinder tube, placing the guide
  • Checking the operation of the hydraulic cylinder: checking the correct operation and pressure test
  • Packaging for transport

With many years of experience, we can confirm that a high-quality repair is the cheapest and ensures the full functionality of the renewed part and is of the same quality as a new cylinder, thereby reducing production downtime and unplanned costs.

Popravak i izrada novih hidrauličnih cilindara

Production of new hydraulic cylinders

Using reverse engineering, we can produce new hydraulic cylinders of all sizes. We can manufacture all parts of hydraulic cylinders as well as complete item. In this way, we enable the repair of hydraulic systems for which there are no replacement spare parts available.