Repair and manufacture of new hydraulic cylinders

A hydraulic cylinder or linear hydraulic motor is the most common executive part in a hydraulic drive, which serves to convert the energy of the hydraulic fluid into mechanical work and is an indispensable part of the hydraulic drive.Read more »

Service and repair maintenance of hydraulic systems, machines and equipment

Hydraulic drives and controls through automation and mechanization are gaining more and more importance nowadays, and nowadays it cannot be singled out anymore.Read more »

Manufacturing and changing high-pressure rubber pipes with all associated connections

Rubber/flexible pipes are irreplaceable in hydraulics because they withstand large hydraulic shocks, high pressure with larger diameters, and are resistant to external conditions.Read more »
strojna obrada sa tokarskim strojevima

Machine processing

We have our own machining facilities with lathes and milling machines. Also, in stockwe have many raw materials to produce cylinder tubes, piston rods, guides, etc. in the shortest possible time, we can produce all parts of hydraulic systems.Read more »

Repair and service of hydraulic units, hydraulic pumps and engines

The hydraulic aggregate as a source of hydraulic energy is used in various branches of industry, such as mechanical engineering, wood processing and food industry, shipbuilding, hydroelectric power plants and similar.Read more »

Valve repair and replacement

Knowledge, experience, and resources allow us to maintain valves: non-return valve, distributor, pressure valve, flow valve, proportional valve, servo valve, flow valve, overflow valve.Read more »